The FER Formula

Our vision is simple: Profit is theory, cash is reality! In the construction industry, cash management is critical, but the challenges are many. Owners can be slow to pay, surety companies want to pay as little as possible, and clients, sometimes, don’t pay at all. So what can you do?

The FER formula is a unique approach that provides construction companies with all the training, tools, and support they need to regain control of their cash flow. Our approach helps construction companies of all sizes improve their cashflow through three main concepts:


We train all your employees to help them understand how their habits and practices can help or hinder the collection of accounts receivable.


We help you set up a follow-up system for your accounts receivable and the monitoring of all deadlines for denunciations, demands for payment and construction liens and legal hypothec, and help you make sense of a host of administrative questions.


We prepare and manage all the necessary documentation to protect your accounts receivable for denunciations through construction bond, liens or legal hypothec. We can also handle your collection process and ensure your clients pay faster.

The Path to Cash™

To improve your cash flow, we will help you through our unique approach: The Path to Cash™.

Through a subscription, you get access to our team of specialists and full support, from opening accounts up to release of the final holdback.

We train your teams.
We ensure the complete management of your AR protection processes: preparation and transmission of all documents and notices relating for all construction bonds, liens and legal hypothec and monitoring deadlines associated with them.
We follow up on accounts receivable with your customers.
We can assist you with a variety of administrative questions and challenges.

Too often, construction companies and their personnel view accounts receivable as a business process limited to billing for work performed and collecting the invoice. It is assumed that this is mainly the responsibility and work of the accounting and administration team.

Every member of your team (estimating, administration, procurement, construction team, service team, project management, accounting, dispatch, etc.) has an impact on your ability to get paid. The entire team needs to be aware of the steps that lead to payment and understand the role they need to play in expediting your collections.

The Path to Cash™ will help you see clearly and solidify your foundation. All of these steps are essential to collecting your accounts receivable:

Choosing your clients and opening accounts

Choosing your projects and the terms of tender

Negotiating acceptable contract terms and payment terms

Execution of the work and its documentation

Proper invoicing

Regular follow-ups of your payment terms and protections

Properly drafted releases

Exercising your rights to construction bonds, liens and legal hypothec

Obtaining provisional and final acceptances

Release of holdbacks

Managing claims efficiently

We’re here to help you regain control of your cash flow with our proven formula.

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We’re there at every step of the way towards collecting your accounts receivable. Discover all the services the FER Formula has to offer now.
TrainingWe offer both practical and dynamic training based on real cases and the unique experience of our team.

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ProtectionWe offer complete services: Preparation, research, transmission, and the management of all steps of construction bond, liens and legal hypothec processes.

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CollectionsOur collection services are turnkey: We take care of your follow-ups, recover the payments that are difficult to get, and accelerate your collections processes.

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Admin SupportOur team of specialists assists our subscribers with various administrative issues.

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