We can help you with the management of routine follow-ups, the collection of problematic cases and the preparation of files.

Getting paid in the construction industry is rarely an easy thing to do. Regular follow-ups with your clients and efforts to recover delinquent accounts requires skill, discipline, and perseverance. It’s not just about getting paid, either; it’s about protecting your business relationship with your client. Our specialists not only work with many construction companies, but they have extensive knowledge of the industry and its players. We’re here to ensure your follow-ups follow through, spur clients to pay, and that your collections can accelerate.

Is the interest on your line of credit getting in your way of profit?

Protection FER offers recovery solutions adapted to your construction company and trade.

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The Path to Cash®

To improve your cash flow, we will help you through our unique approach: The Path to Cash®. Through a subscription, you get access to our team of specialists and full support, from opening accounts up to release of the final holdback.

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