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Protection FER offers coaching and support services for your administration. Construction companies are governed by a multitude of obligations and specific contractual practices.

Do you want…

  • to understand the receipts required of you?
  • support in preparing and/or documenting your claims?
  • to find the right words to respond to a site’s meeting minutes that you disagree with?
  • to know if a public entity has paid your client? 
  • insights into your RBQ license or your request for authorization for public contracts?  


Our team is here to help you, and if we don’t know the answer, we know who to refer you to. Protection FER is a construction company managed by industry experts who face the same challenges every day:

  • Ensuring your subcontractors are in good standing with the CNESST, CCQ or MRQ.
  • Understanding the scope of the releases you are asked to sign.
  • Applying to the AMF for a certificate of authorization for public contracts.
  • Asking questions regarding an existing RBQ license or how to obtain one.
  • Understanding administrative clauses of a scope statement.
  • Asking if your subcontractor has received payment from a public entity.
  • Knowing if you can get a client to withhold the amounts owed to you before paying the general contractor.
  • Sending a request to a client who isn’t paying.
  • Receiving documentation saying your client has filed a Notice of Intention to make a proposal or a Notice of Bankruptcy, and understand your rights and get assistance in completing the documentation.

We can help you

Our team of specialists are ready to discuss any case with you; simply reach out and contact the case manager responsible for your support.

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