Your contracts’ protection are one of the main pillars to ensure timely payment of your accounts receivable. It is a process that requires expertise and rigor, and our team of specialists is ready to help you protect all your contracts.

For all your bonded projects, we will:

  1. Validate the surety’s source.
  2. Verify the scope of the bond and the amount covered by it.
  3. Verify the special conditions and applicable time limits around work and retention.
  4. Prepare and send the claim, and manage the acknowledgements of receipt.
  5. Make amendments to the claim, if required.

For all your projects subject to legal mortgage, we will:

  1. Validate the owner’s identity and the lot numbers involved.
  2. Verify the building index and property assessment roll.
  3. Verify the use of the building in question.
  4. Prepare and send the information, and manage acknowledgements of receipt.
  5. Make amendments to information as required.

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To improve your cash flow, we will help you through our unique approach: The Path to Cash®. Through a subscription, you get access to our team of specialists and full support, from opening accounts up to release of the final holdback.

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